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Shopping - Leather Socks For Masah in Wudu

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I'm just having so much fun since I starting this blog. Being a muslim in Malaysia meant you feel so accustom with Islam practice here, so it is really an eye opener to get an information from other sources worldwide.

I must confessed, like a Malay proverb saying "Seperti katak dibawah tempurung" or loosely translate "like a frog under coconut shell", I really know so little. You just know things under your world only.

I came across this product in Net, it really something unfamiliar to me. But I guess it is most common thing in America.

This is I believe the syariah-approved stretchable zipper-less leather socks. This water resistance leather sock is for performing Masah in Wudu. I have to say that the concept of Masah itself is something alien to me.

Check it out further the product by visiting Khuffs
posted by Azman Saadiah Arshad @ 1:17 AM  
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