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Halal Industry - Not Enough Contribution

Sunday, May 07, 2006
The fact is that the Halal industry is driving USD$300 billion market of 1.8 billion people in 112 countries.

Well, I just wonder how many percentage of that coming from Muslim company contribution. Looking at scenario in Malaysia alone, more than 80% of Halal market is dominated by non-Muslim comprising of non-Muslim Malaysian and non-Muslim multinational company.

The sad part is, the Malaysian Muslim is far behind in competing in this Halal market. This Halal products and services should be in the first place produced by Muslim to cater for Muslim. Unfortunately the Malaysian non-muslim are better in tapping on this Halal industry.

I’m hoping in due time this scenario could be changed considerably. It is my expectation with conjunction of World Halal Forum 2006 to be held in Kuala Lumpur, all Muslim businessman in Malaysia could take this advantage and learn from the leading industry player in the globe.

Malaysia is aiming to become an international hub for Halal products but it will be more meaningful if this future success comes with muslim company contributing more.

My knowledge are limited to what others Muslim countries scenario in this issue.

Halal industry which focuses more on Food & Beverages is something that I feel need an attention, there are more to Halal than food such as pharmaceutical, beauty care, entertainment, banking & finance and etc. I don’t think whether we will know that the medicine we buy from our pharmacy is Halal or not. Most of this medicine certainly comes from western company. Wallahualam.

posted by Azman Saadiah Arshad @ 4:03 PM  
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